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boys + EDs = FUCKKKKKK!!
ok so boys like skinny girls right? but they also like girls eating? how the hell does that make sence?? grr arr!! i hate them all (boys)! silly fuckers! make you eat then drop you like litter. tell you they like you then stay with there girlfriends, my ego really did noy need that!!

ok the only things keeping me going right now are pics or karlie kloss and the 6oo odd cals that i just binged! i feel bad about eating but i really really do feel depressed!

feeling really messed up now sitting in my room taking my dads morphine pills and drinking vodka!!
i hate my life so much right now... trying to think of reasons to stay alive, i only have one right now: i dont want people to remember me like a fat cow! arrr isnt my life the best!

arrr i hate myself so much!
why are some people happy?
i cant remember what real happyness feels like

i just want this to end
stay strong
x x x x

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Ahh babe hang in there it does get better I promise. Although I don't really know you I figured as you added me you wanted to be ana buddies, correct me if I'm worng... Anytime you need to chat or need help and support let me know and would be happy to help. Stay strong. Oh, and where are you from?? Char.

hmm i did not reallt know where to reply... i hope this works!
i would love to be ana buddies! do you have MSN?
im from England? you?
x x x x

i am also from England near Bristol. And yes I do have msn it is so feel free to add me and we can chat about anythbing you want. Hope you're feeling better. X

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