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ok i cant deal with my exam stress right now!
i have desided to eat for the two weeks wile i have my a levels because i really need to do well! but after that i am going to start ABC i think! i cant wait! i may see if after my time eatting more normaly i can recover... i really want to but i dont think i am really ready. i hope i can manage eatting normally for two weeks... i think i will do it but i hate to think of the weight i will gain! but i will fast after! and that i cant wait for!!!

good luck for everybody else with exams right now!!
you will do amazingly!!!
love you all
x x x x

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oh, i have exams these next two weeks, too. highers, though, since i'm in scotland. i'd definitely be up for emailing / msn-ing you so we can you know, motivate each other with fasting and limiting. i'm considering the 2468 diet... just hit me up at i hope you do well in you exams. (:

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