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i just had dinner!! fuck i want to purge!! i need to what is wrong with me!!!
arr pool party i looked so fat i will post pics of it soon and you will se how bad i look!! oh it is so nasty!
all my friednds are so skinny i want to be them!!

i cant cry anymore i dont know what is up with me!! i always used to cry... now i just lie here... feeling nuffin but wishing i was stronger... i wish this would not upsett my family and friends! i wish i could talk to people about this face to face. but none of my friends understand. why am i so messed up now? i was a happy child!

Ana is all i have now... i need her help more than ever right now!!

i need you
i love you
i hate you
ana i have given everything for you.
x x x x
stay strong
think thin!
love you all
x x x x


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