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arrrrr i totaly hate purging! but i cant stop it!! i really needed to so baddly but i dont seem to be able to... and i dont think i want to... well i do but not really. if that makes sence... arrr my nose hurts from purging! strange right! arrr i need to talk to somone about it who i know! but my friends dont understand! i am so alone, their minds are everywere but mine is always thinking about how fat i am or how much i can eat! it just totaly seperates me from them. i want to be normal!! and happy!

this fat bitch has had enough!!
i want to sleep and never wake up!
i cant deal with this!
i have been living for this friday and sat!
i cant wait for my fast!
i hate food.
it kills me.

stay strong
love you all
x x x x x
think thin


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